Dr. Sandy Ochojna, The Survey Doctor
Dr. Sandy Ochojna is The Survey Doctor

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In our line of business everyone, at some time or other, needs a shoulder to lean on, someone to share ideas, check if a survey is feasible, run over results, or help assess if an agency is offering a sound proposition, value for money, or a good report.


Dr. Sandy Ochojna calls upon his thirty years
of experience in market research to offer you
such a service. He has been regional director in
Manchester for The Harris Research Centre, TNS, and
MORI with clients including many of the local and public authorities
in the North West of England, all the UK Passenger Transport Executives, and many leading management and transport consultants.

All this is offered as independent advice, and since this is so, advice and recommendations will be explained and justified, with the ultimate aim being to make sure that you and your organisation achieve the very best value for money when carrying out survey research.

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